Troops Burn Stockpiles of Bibles as Mission Eurasia Ministry Center Destroyed by Tanks in Ukraine

Troops Burn Stockpiles of Bibles as Mission Eurasia Ministry Center Destroyed by Tanks in Ukraine by Steve Warren for CBN News

Mission Eurasia, a nonprofit ministry that is helping meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, reports that one of its training centers in Irpin was destroyed by tanks during a battle between Russian and Ukrainian forces last month.

In a Facebook post, the ministry wrote, “Thank you for your outpouring of prayers and support in every way. Our hearts are deeply saddened by the destruction of Mission Eurasia’s field ministries headquarters in Irpin, near Kyiv, even as we thank God for the safety of all our team members and evacuees who had been sheltering there.”

“Nothing will stop the spread of the gospel in Ukraine and across the former Soviet Union, as had been happening from our headquarters. All of us at Mission Eurasia are united and trusting God. The gospel is indestructible and the determination of the Mission Eurasia team is strong. We thank God for you and countless others who have stood with us in the past and are standing with us now,” the group said.

“After our building was destroyed in tank crossfire, Russian troops threw any remaining stockpiles of Bibles and Christian books from our warehouse at the back of the building on the ground and burned them,” the Facebook post continued. “From our headquarters warehouse, millions of copies of God’s Word including Bibles and other Scripture versions filled with the truth, love, and hope of God have gone out across Ukraine and all of the former Soviet Union over many years. This will continue. Today 20 tons of humanitarian assistance and Scriptures will be going out from Mission Eurasia’s four centers in Ukraine and bordering countries through ‘I Care’ boxes, which each contain enough food for one family for a week.”

Mission Eurasia’s post also included photos of burned Bibles and books, and the destroyed building.

Mission Eurasia President Sergey Rakhuba recently told The Christian Post, “We’re very saddened by the loss. Buildings can be replaced but we are reprinting hundreds and hundreds of copies of new Scriptures available into the hands of these young evangelists we train, these young volunteers we equip that continue reaching out to people who are in need.”

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