Prophetic Vision: God’s Glorious Emerging Ekklesia

Prophetic Vision: God’s Glorious Emerging Ekklesia by BERT FARIAS for Charisma News

When the forms of an old paradigm and culture are dying, a new paradigm and culture are created by a few people who are willing to be rejected and misunderstood. Some have called them pioneers. Recently the Father has challenged me to be one. For years I’ve had a desire to see a unified church of love and power, but I could not see how that could be possible under the present circumstances and quagmire in which the church finds itself. Yet God has been long-suffering and not forsaken us.

My heart is full of revelation concerning the glorious church of Jesus Christ. Many of today’s churches in many places are literally lifeless and void of the power of Christ. This has come about over the last 2,000 years because man’s goodness has come directly from eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man’s faith has not been developed enough to follow the Lord’s wisdom and be led by His Spirit, so that He can build His ekklesia His way.

Is it Good or God?

This reminds me of a foreign minister who toured all the so-called great churches in America during a lengthy visit. When asked at the end what his thoughts were of the American church, he profoundly replied:

“I’ve learned how much man can do without God.”

Only a spiritual man could make such an observation. He saw that many of our churches are nothing more than religious institutions facing off in competition with one another for market shares in an individualistic consumer-driven market.

Do You Have a Vision for a One-City Church?

Multitudes today have abandoned any vision for a singular local church in each city or region. Many are nowhere close to functioning as a unified Christ-governing, present-day incarnate ekklesia that is preparing God’s people to recognize kingdom culture, live with kingdom purpose and expand kingdom rule through God’s love and power.

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