I’m a Proud Member of the Rebel Alliance

I’m a Proud Member of the Rebel Alliance By Clarice Feldman for American Thinker

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy to watch. Whether or not like Sean Penn, who claims he’s thinking of taking arms to fight Russia, or like most of the corporate media you are rooting for Ukraine and demonizing Russia, you have to admire Ukrainian pluck. You also have to be astonished at the poor performance of the Russian military, who apparently lost their flagship missile cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea either by missile strike (U.S. claim) or accidental fire (Russian claim). I grieve for the suffering of those displaced by the war and the loss of life. I remain opposed to establishing a no-strike zone over Ukraine or the placement of U.S. troops there.

But for the moment, like my cat following the red laser dot (I concede) my attention is on Elon Musk’s effort to buy Twitter. Like Wretchard, I see this as a critical effort to break the monopoly of news reporting.

I’m old-fashioned enough to believe there’s usually more than one side to a story and more than one acceptable belief, and I have long resented the extensive labor it takes to see the other side. How long did it take, for example, to get the truth of the Trayvon Martin matter known if you had not seen the extensive, detailed analysis and almost daily reporting in the Conservative Treehouse and relied only on corporate accounts? When did you first learn, if you were not an internet aficionado, that the George W. Bush National Guard story published by Dan Rather was entirely made up? A long time, if you didn’t go to Free Republic or Little Green Footballs. More recently, how long was it before, in the face of irrefutable fact, the RussiaGate story was revealed as a total hoax cooked up by Hillary Clinton, her lawyers, and the FBI and media friends? If you were unaware of sites like the Illustrated Primer, when if ever did you learn the sordid details of the Hunter Biden laptop? Twitter banned messages about it, the mainstream media ignored it. Do you, like so many journalists, seriously contend that censorship is free speech?

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