Cold-Case Investigator Shocked by Scientific Evidence Behind the Resurrection

Cold-Case Investigator Shocked by Scientific Evidence Behind the Resurrection by Paul Strand/CBN News via Charisma News

When atheists find evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection and become believers, you know there must be more than just faith that it happened. Two of the most famous former atheists came to a Truth for a New Generation conference outside of Greensboro, North Carolina, to talk about how they ended up strong defenders of the fact Christ really did rise from the dead.

As a successful cold-case detective, J. Warner Wallace became so well known at solving decades-old murders, he ended up as the foremost expert on national TV true crime shows.

But as an atheist, he decided to turn his superior detective skills on disproving the Resurrection of Jesus Christ—or even proving it if the evidence should somehow take him there.

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He remembered telling himself, “I’m going to have to figure out how to evaluate that for its truthfulness given this skill set that I had as a cold-case detective.”

CBN News talked to him at this crowded conference where hundreds of people gathered to hear Wallace and others tell their stories and learn how their faith in Christ rests on solid evidence.

Tackling Theories Against the Resurrection

For years some doubters clung to one theory that Jesus didn’t actually die on the cross but was just nearly dead and revived later.

Wallace points out when you work with dead bodies all the time like he has and people in Christ’s time did, you can definitely tell “dead” from “nearly dead.”

“As a homicide detective, I’m thinking ‘I’ve seen a lot of dead people, and I know what dead people look like,'” he said, and then talked about something called “the mortise triad.”

“That hot blood’s going to stop circulating, you’re going to cool down. That’s called algor mortis,” he stated. “You’ll be cool to the touch. And we can actually judge time of death based on how cool.”

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