Therefore, God…

Therefore, God…

Thus it follows powerfully, and irrefutably, that the God who led the people of Israel out of Egypt and through the Red Sea; who guided them through the wilderness, through the pillars of cloud and fire who nourished them with heavenly bread and performed all the miracles Moses describes in his book who also brought them into the land of Canaan and then gave them kings and priest and everything is, therefore, God and none other than Jesus of Nazareth. ~ Martin Luther

We can continue the exercise of showing Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, is God with us ad infinitum or all the scriptural writings, and now scholarly opinion, can be accepted as nothing short of Truth of who Jesus Christ is. Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, is God with us. Jesus is the invisible God in the flesh.

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When we want to know, or need to help others wrap their head around Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, this is another way of presenting the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is for us, He was never against us.

As some people read this they are now screaming about the “vengeful”, “mean” God from the Torah, the Old Testament, the Book of Moses. Once again, if a child is unruly how should the parent respond? Maybe get the child a new toy, a new car, a new house or…Or… should the parent discipline the child as to teach them about the law? The bigger the issue, the more severe the discipline. Sometimes when people make mistakes, before grace came into the world to forgive our sins, people would have to answer to the law with their life. The “rules committee” doesn’t have any open positions, so, the best any of us can do is simply report the facts as they are presented. The inerrant Word of God is the end-all in the realm of facts. If God said it, we believe it and we believe it must have been necessary to fulfill His plan. Before grace, Jesus Christ, unruly children could have been treated quite severely. Thank You, Jesus, for grace and mercy.

Either one believes or one does not believe and that is up to each of us to reach our own conclusion. The goal is for 100% of us to become believers and be convicted of their faith. That, just like the elimination of sin, will never happen. But, we must push forward, live in our personal conviction to Jesus Christ and share Jesus Christ with as many as possible.

He is risen.

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