The Entire Gretchen Whitmer “Kidnapping” Case Was Exposed As A Fraud – A Full Recap

The Entire Gretchen Whitmer “Kidnapping” Case Was Exposed As A Fraud – A Full Recap by  for The Blue State Conservative

Just weeks before the 2020 election, the FBI announced that it had thwarted an attempt by rightwing terrorists to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan. At the time, Whitmer was taking intense criticism for her draconian handling of the COVID pandemic. The FBI arrested Daniel Harris, Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, and Ty Garbin. The case was a propaganda bonanza for the left in general, and Whitmer in particular – who blamed the inflammatory language of Donald Trump for inspiring the would-be kidnappers. Well, the trial has just ended, and it didn’t go quite the way the FBI had predicted. In fact, it completely blew up the MSM narrative.

When the arrests were made in 2020, we were told by the MSM that the plot involved a group of violent militia members, who were upset about Whitmer’s pandemic measures – which included restrictions on travel and assembly. We were assured that the incendiary language of political conservatives inspired the kidnappers. It was reported that the group intended to use firearms and explosives to abduct Whitmer from her lake home and sneak her out of the state. Fortunately, the FBI thwarted the attempt. It was billed as a shining example of the world’s preeminent law enforcement agency in action.

Whitmer, Pelosi, and Schumer all ran to the microphones on the eve of the election to condemn the rhetoric of conservatives. Joe Biden phoned it in from his basement. It was a perfect media storm, just a month before the election.

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But then after the election, the narrative began to unravel. The lead FBI agent, Richard Trask, who signed the charging documents under oath, was fired from the FBI. He had been arrested for assaulting his wife after a drunken swinger’s party.

A few months later, two more agents were removed from the witness list. Special Agent Jayson Chambers was removed from the case because it was discovered that he was attempting to profit from the case. He was launching a private security firm, which would benefit from his work on the Whitmer case.

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