Prophetic Word: Tune Into Heaven’s Frequency

Prophetic Word: Tune Into Heaven’s Frequency by BERT FARIAS for Charisma News

Fake news. Fake narrative. Fake signals. The liberal leftist media is all fake. I stopped watching and listening to it over a year ago. It’s Satan’s machine. Full of hate and lies. Swamp creatures full of venom promoting fear, panic, stress and anxiety. Aligned with an evil antichrist agenda.

Tune in to heavenly places, saints, where we are seated. Tune in to the Good News of the kingdom, which is true and cannot lie. Tune in to the Spirit of God. Tune into the King and His kingdom. Full of faith, love and glad tidings of peace. It is all within you. Aligned with Christ’s rule and government.

Tell me what you are hearing. It is the voice of heaven shouting from the mountaintop and vibrating down in the valley of decision. Choose life! Choose Jesus Christ!

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I hear the sound of the abundance of rain—the early and latter rain together maturing the precious fruit of the earth, which are the souls of men. Heaven coming to the earth.

We are coming into the greatest move of God in the history of mankind. We are coming into the season of the greatest harvest of souls. Prominent miracles. Notable healings. Hospitals emptied out. Undeniable deliverances. Demons screaming as they come out of people. A citywide, unified church and body governed by love and humble leaders—all in one accord, being filled with the Spirit, marked by joy and tongues of fire.

A tsunami is above us in that invisible realm. It’s the latter rain. It wants to come down and flood the earth. Spirit-filled prayer is releasing it even now. Many are being made fit to carry this burden on the earth and to give birth. Many are pregnant with the end time move of God to manifest His sons. Groanings. Travail. Nations born in one day.

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