Destroy Disney: #BoycottDisney #Disneyphiles

Destroy Disney: #BoycottDisney #Disneyphiles by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Nothing personal, but the Mouse must die. Oh wait, it is personal, especially for people with little kids who this giant corporation has targeted at the behest of the minority of blue-haired, nose-ringed strange-os in its employ. That Walt Disney is likely turning over in his cryogenic chamber beneath the Disneyland Castle is irrelevant. The man who created an American institution is gone, as is said American institution. It’s now a global institution, and the America part is vastly outweighed by the Chi Com component. We used to trust Disney to take care of our kids, not take them over. Well, it made its choice, and it’s time to make ours.

The Republicans must figuratively post Mickey’s soon-to-be public domain head on a pike. This is what happens to corporations that cross us.

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And cross us Disney did. It did not have to stick Donald’s beak into Florida’s fight to keep grooming perverts from messing with first graders’ heads. But stick it did, mewling and howling about the unfairness of Ron DeSantis taking the bullseye off our little ones. It promised to use its power to change the law, not just by advocacy but with contributions and veiled threats to pack up and go.

To which Ron the Avenger replied, “Pack your Schiff.”

DeSantis understands the use of power. He’s got it. Disney thought it did. But what Disney really has is a vast array of special breaks that helped make it the hulking monopolistic monstrosity that it is today. Look at Disney World in Orlando, a zillion-dollar resort city made possible by a huge spate of special laws that effectively make it a government unto itself. And look at the copyright laws – Mickey should have fallen out of protection decades ago, but the expiration of the 1920s cartoon rodent IP just kept being pushed back by Congress. It is now going to be open season on Mickey in 2024 unless another extension gets granted.

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