CDC: The most-vaccinated US counties also have the most COVID cases

CDC: The most-vaccinated US counties also have the most COVID cases by:  for Natural News

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) shows that the worst-off counties in the United States for new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are those with the highest rates of “vaccination” for the disease.

In 500 counties where 62 to 95 percent of the population has gotten injected for the Fauci Flu detected more than 75 new “cases” of the disease per 100,000 residents this past week. Conversely, in 500 counties where only between 11 and 40 percent of the population got the jab, only 58 cases per 100,000 residents were detected.

For alleged privacy purposes, the CDC does not report data on counties with very low numbers of detected cases (between one and nine), so the original figures are slightly skewed. However, based on a calculation that assumes five cases each on average in the suppressed counties, the aforementioned figures were produced.

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“The least vaccinated counties tended to be much smaller, averaging less than 20,000 in population,” the Epoch Times reported. “The most vaccinated counties had an average population of over 330,000. More populous counties, however, weren’t more likely to have higher case rates. Even when comparing counties of similar size, the most vaccinated ones tended to have higher case rates than those least vaccinated.”

Most-vaccinated larger counties have 27 percent more new COVID cases than least-vaccinated larger counties

The disparity in case numbers between most-vaccinated and least-vaccinated areas of the country is most prominently seen in smaller counties with between 100,000 and 200,000 residents. In these areas, cases were upwards of 200 percent higher in most-vaccinated compared to least-vaccinated.

In counties with 500,000 to one million residents, the disparity was the lowest at just 19 percent more cases in the most-vaccinated areas compared to the least-vaccinated areas.

In the largest counties with one million or more residents, those with the highest vaccination rates have about 27 percent more COVID cases than counties with the lowest vaccination rates.

And finally, in counties with between 200,000 and 500,000 residents, the most-vaccinated ones have roughly 55 percent more COVID cases than the least-vaccinated ones.

In other words, the more the jabs get administered, the greater the number of “cases,” and vice versa. This, of course, goes against everything we were told about how the injections would end the plandemic.

A big part of the problem is the testing itself, which we know is fraudulent. Some counties are obsessed with testing while others are not, which can also skew the numbers.

Most people who test “positive” never develop any kind of sickness, which makes the result useless. Still, it gets logged into the system and used as “evidence” to push more vaccines or other plandemic tyranny.

The latest “wave,” as they love to call it, is being blamed on a subvariant of the omicron (moronic) variant known as BA.2. It is said to be more transmissible but less virulent, meaning it is absolutely no big deal and may not even exist, for all we know.

“A county may have a low case number on paper because its residents are tested less often,” pointed out someone at the Times. “And if we never did the politically orchestrated testing, of healthy people in the first place, there never would have been the plandemic.”

“So very true,” responded another. “If we had stopped the damn testing over a year ago, the ‘plandemic’ would have just disappeared. And anyone who has been vaxxed might ALWAYS test positive; but if you’ve been vaxxed, you are supposed to be protected … so why do you get tested?!?”

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