National Not Ashamed of Jesus Day Is Coming!

National Not Ashamed of Jesus Day Is Coming! by Michael L. Brown for Ask Dr Brown

GNN Note – Get ready to shout! Get ready to celebrate! Get ready to call friends, strangers, neighbors and family. Let them know it’s coming and Jesus is coming back!!! / END

Mark this date on your calendar: April 14. Circle it and highlight it, not just this year, but every year. I’ll explain why in a moment, but let me say this first: Together, we can make history. Together, we can send a message. Together, we can help turn the tide. Together, we can overcome cancel culture and push back against the silencing of the lambs. Together, we can – and will – be heard.

But what’s so special about April 14? Right now, there’s nothing of particular significance about that day in America, other than the fact that it’s one day before Tax Day. Or that it’s National Dolphin Day, National Ex-Spouse Day, National Gardening Day, and National Pecan Day. Who knew?

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From here on, though, we are proclaiming April 14 to be National Not Ashamed of Jesus Day. On that day, we’re encouraging every one of us to make a public statement of our faith in whatever way we can.

You can wear a gospel-themed t-shirt to school or bring a Bible to work and put it on your desk. You can share the good news with someone new or make a clear proclamation of your faith on social media. Whatever is permitted and whatever is good and right, this will be the day to send a simple message: we are followers of Jesus and we are not ashamed.

On that day, every single one of us, in whatever way we can, will let the world know that Jesus is our Lord and our Master and our Savior and our Deliverer and our King, and we are not ashamed to be identified with Him. Let the whole world know that we are His!

You might say, “But shouldn’t we do that every day? Shouldn’t we look for opportunities to lift up the Lord every day of the week? Shouldn’t we always be known as believers?”

Absolutely, we should, as the Lord leads and as the doors are open. Being witnesses is our 24/7 calling 365 days a year.

But here’s the thing. Many have us have floated under the radar for years. Our colleagues at work don’t know we are believers. Our friends don’t know about our faith, at least, the depth of our faith. Our neighbors are unaware that we are believers. We may be sincere, but we are stealth.

In some cases, it’s because we have been ashamed of our faith, not wanting to suffer rejection or mockery or reproach. In other cases, it’s because we haven’t found the right setting to share our testimony or we haven’t been forced to stand for our convictions. And so, despite the large number of real Jesus-followers in America – we could be as many as 90 or 100 million – it feels as if we are an insignificant minority. We almost feel sorry for ourselves.

The fact is that we are not some tiny, hidden group forced to cower the corner in fear for our lives. We are represented in every area of society, from the government to the courts and from the media to the schools. We give tens of billions of dollars every year to Christian and humanitarian causes, we broadcast around the clock on every conceivable media outlet, and our messages flood the internet

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