What Would A Global Nuclear Conflict Look Like?

What Would A Global Nuclear Conflict Look Like? by  for End of the American Dream

I simply do not understand why so many on the left and so many on the right seem determined to push us into a military conflict with Russia.  If we get into a shooting war with Russia, one side or the other will inevitably decide that they want to use their nuclear weapons before the other side conducts a surprise first strike of their own.  But no matter who strikes first, the whole world would lose, because the vast majority of the global population would end up dead within a few years.  This is why I have been so adamant about trying to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine.  If we have a nuclear conflict with Russia, the vast majority of you that are reading this article would die.

But only a certain percentage of you would die immediately.  According to a study that was conducted in 2008, only about one-fifth of the U.S. population would initially be wiped out by a full-blown barrage of Russian missiles.  The following comes from the Alliance for Science

One 2008 study looked at a Russia-US nuclear war scenario, where Russia would target 2,200 weapons on Western countries and the US would target 1,100 weapons each on China and Russia. In total, therefore, 4,400 warheads detonate, equivalent to roughly half the current inventories held each by Russia and the US.

Nuclear weapons held by other states were not used in this scenario, which has a 440-Mt explosive yield, equivalent to about 150 times all the bombs detonated in World War II. This full-scale nuclear war was estimated to cause 770 million direct deaths and generate 180 Tg of soot from burning cities and forests. In the US, about half the population would be within 5km of a ground zero, and a fifth of the country’s citizens would be killed outright.

So the good news is that if there was a nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia tomorrow, there is a good chance that you would survive.

But the bad news is that you would probably soon starve to death.

Another study that was released in 2019 determined that the “nuclear winter” that would follow a full-blown nuclear war would result in a dramatic cooling of the planet for a number of years

A subsequent study, published in 2019, looked at a comparable but slightly lower 150 Tg atmospheric soot injection following an equivalent scale nuclear war. The devastation causes so much smoke that only 30-40 percent of sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface for the subsequent six months.

A massive drop in temperature follows, with the weather staying below freezing throughout the subsequent Northern Hemisphere summer. In Iowa, for example, the model shows temperatures staying below 0°C for 730 days straight. There is no growing season. This is a true nuclear winter.

Virtually no food would be grown for an extended period of time, and billions of people would starve to death.

So if you believe that nuclear war is coming, you need to store up enough food to feed yourself and everyone else that will be depending upon you for multiple years.

Prior to 2022, not too many people were thinking about such things.  But now one recent poll found that 82 percent of Americans are concerned that the war in Ukraine “will involve nuclear weapons”

Eighty-three percent said they’re concerned that the war is increasing the cost of goods and services like gasoline, 82 percent said they’re concerned that the war will involve nuclear weapons, and 74 percent said they’re concerned the U.S. will send combat troops to fight in Ukraine.

A combined 57 percent of respondents said they believe the U.S. is already at war with Russia (16 percent) or that it will be within the next year (41 percent).

And that same survey discovered that the vast majority of Americans do not have much confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to bring us through this crisis successfully…

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