‘Completely Changed the Way I Live’: Man Who Lost Everything in Tragic Floods Shares Surprising Lesson He Learned

‘Completely Changed the Way I Live’: Man Who Lost Everything in Tragic Floods Shares Surprising Lesson He Learned By  for Faith Wire

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An Australian man who recently lost nearly everything in devastating floods revealed his surprising reaction to the horrific scenario. Ironically, he said, it’s “almost as if it’s one of the best things” he has experienced.

Josh, 29, told Australian outlet 7News that losing it all due to the flooding earlier this year led him to make positive changes in his life, specifically when it comes to his outlook.

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“It has completely changed the way I live, and in a weird way,” he told the outlet. “It’s almost as if it’s one of the best things to happen to me.”

Josh, who has a newborn baby, described himself as “very materialistic” before the tragedy — but losing his possessions and going through the scary ordeal seems to have changed his heart.

“I wanted to have nice cars, and nice things, but now it’s just completely changed the way I live,” he said. “Now I see it as what I have now is all that I need.”

Josh added, “It’s just completely changed my perspective on what I want in life. I don’t need the best things and the best of everything anymore, I just want to live a happy minimal life.”

According to 7News, Josh’s family — including his 9-week old baby — were inside their home in Murwillumbah, Australia, earlier this year when floodwaters started rising.

After calling emergency services several times, a boat finally arrived to rescue them. They got on with their dog and the clothes on their back and lost most of their other belongings to water damage.

Josh posted a video to TikTok showing the family safely together on the boat:

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