Matt Walsh Reveals ‘Shocking’ Answer He Received After Asking Citizens: ‘What Is a Woman?’

Matt Walsh Reveals ‘Shocking’ Answer He Received After Asking Citizens: ‘What Is a Woman?’ By  for Faith Wire

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh is host of an upcoming documentary for The Daily Wire called “What Is a Woman?” During a recent interview about the doc, he revealed the most “shocking” answers he received to the title question.

“The shocking answer is the non-answer,” Walsh told Fox News host Jesse Watters. “When you realize that … this is what they talk about all of the time, they’ve made it their life’s calling, they’ve also convinced, somehow, society to take these ideas seriously, and then, when you start asking questions about it … you realize, there’s nothing going on here, there’s nothing underneath the surface.”

Here’s a trailer of the forthcoming documentary.

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Walsh described the left’s claims about sex and gender as a “house of cards” that “totally tumbles to the ground” when exposed to any level of scrutiny.

“What we discovered is, gender ideology — even though it’s taken over society and it’s become totally ubiquitous — it collapses under the slightest bit of pressure,” he told Watters. “A couple of basic questions, and it crumbles right in front of you.”

The documentary is slated to begin streaming on The Daily Wire in May.

In the film, Walsh said he spoke with “experts in every field in the gender theory world” and none of them provided him with a straightforward, simplistic answer to the question: “What is a woman?”

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