No Sacrifices for Ukraine

No Sacrifices for Ukraine by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

GNN Note – Don’t forget, Zelensky is a nazi. Not like the Trump variety, but the Hitler variety, you know, an actual, real life nazi. / END

We owe the Ukrainians nothing, yet our garbage ruling class is demanding that we brace ourselves for unspecified “sacrifices” for their sake just as they have every time they have made some foreign policy screw-up. We normals are their janitors – we get to clean up their messes and no one is ever held accountable. No thanks.

I like Ukrainians and, while the whole dispute is much more complex than “PUTIN BAD,” there’s no excuse for the brutal invasion and I hope the Russians lose. To the extent that we might spend some money on bullets and Javelins for guerillas to grind down Ivan, okay. The joke’s on their Russian’s new buddies the Chi Coms – we’ll be borrowing the money from China anyway.

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But that’s as far as it goes.

No, we’ve sacrificed enough to the foreign policy screw-ups of Ivy League incompetents. Who got us into the Vietnam War? Who got us into Iraq? Not a lot of guys with high school diplomas, but those guys got asked to fight those wars. The same is true here. I see a lot of Twitter tough guys with the yellow and blue flag in their bios and not a lot of them seem to be accepting Ukraine’s appeal for fighters and enlisting in the Bill Kristol Brigade.

Hey, don’t worry – these same neo-commandos will cheer you and your kids on when we go make Ukraine safe for Ukrainians. Your sacrifices will be appreciated, plebs, right up until it’s convenient to start calling you racist, Jesus knuckle-draggers again.

And if you ask why the hell we are not making America safe for Americans, you are in Putin’s pocket because it is somehow in Putin’s interest that we shut down our open border, end crime, and promote free speech here in America. You are just too dumb to appreciate the nuance.

Now, the regime media’s polls tell you a whole bunch of Americans would support a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine. You know the Ukrainians sure would. Hey, if Harry Potter could wave a magic wand and make the Russians stop killing civilians and go home, awesome. Wave away. But that’s nonsense, and unfortunately, at Hogwarts, our ruling class was sorted by the magic hat into house Dumbassyindor.

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