This doctor’s alarming observations are sufficient to halt the COVID vaccines in the US

This doctor’s alarming observations are sufficient to halt the COVID vaccines in the US by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

A post by “A Midwestern Doc” isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Based on just this one doctor’s observations, the vaccines should be immediately halted worldwide. Here’s why.


On March 5, “A Midwestern Doctor” (who I will abbreviate as “AMD”) published a long Substack article that meticulously chronicled his/her observations of adverse events (AEs) associated with the COVID vaccine. This is very rare as most doctors are too busy to do such an analysis. Based on the observation of this one doctor alone, the critical event rates are high enough to justify that the vaccines should be immediately halted based on safety concerns.

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AMD has to hide his/her identity or he/she will be fired. That’s how the medical system is designed: if you speak against the system, you lose your job. Period.

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So to make things easier, I’ll assume AMD is a man.

The AEs documented by AMD were partly from his own patients, but mostly related by people who AMD directly knows. So no more than one step removed: a direct friend of a direct friend.

The results of his analysis (from the Conclusion section of the article):

  1. Critical Injuries: 41
  2. Severe Injuries: 39
  3. Significant Reactions: 32

In AMD’s history, there were no critical injuries for all other vaccines combined. Zero.

But the the important part was this statement:

Typically when a drug has between 10-100 critical injuries reported to the FDA, they strongly look at pulling it from the market or giving it a blackbox warning.  I thus feel these vaccines are not being held to the adverse reporting standard we expect.

In other words, based on just the data AMD directly collected, the vaccine exceeds the stopping condition.

The numerator and denominator

AMD used more than his own patients: he also used friends of his friends.

AMD’s cases were split: 60% reached out to him with stories and 40% was due to his outreach.

How confident is he that every single case was vaccine related? For half of these cases, there was an extremely strong time correlation or other factors, so he’s extremely confident of a causality link. For the other half of the cases, the causality is extremely likely.

Because his sample includes only the direct friends of his friends, he estimates that the “denominator” in his case is less than 100,000 to be conservative (the average person has around 150 to 250 friends so this is quite conservative). There will be fewer than this due to overlap, but again, we aren’t trying to get to an exact number, just a rough engineering estimate.

AMD’s extended friend pool consists of a mix of vaxxed and unvaxxed people in our calculation. Since he’s a doctor, his mix of vaxxed patients will be higher than others so this may skew our extrapolation to be on the high side, but we are just trying to do a ballpark estimate of what the national rates might look like.

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