Who Is the Antichrist? Bible Expert Explains Amid Putin’s Deadly Ukraine Invasion

Who Is the Antichrist? Bible Expert Explains Amid Putin’s Deadly Ukraine Invasion By  for Faith Wire

A recent proclamation from a Ukrainian Orthodox Church official that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the “anti-Christ of our current time” has added yet another layer of intrigue to the mounting eschatological questions surrounding Putin’s Ukraine invasion.

Who is the antichrist? What does it mean to be like the antichrist? Is Putin possibly the fulfillment of this sinister, biblical figure?

These are just some of the questions emerging after Yevstratiy Zoria, spokesman for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, told BBC reporter Harry Farley he believes Putin is the “anti-Christ because … what he do now, is totally against Gospel, against God’s law.”

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Author and end-times expert Jeff Kinley recently appeared on Faithwire to discuss these important themes and questions. We previously spoke with Kinley about the “Gog and Magog” prophecies in Ezekiel. In a follow-up discussion, we dove into Bible verses he believes predict the rise of a future antichrist figure.

Kinley, a premillennialist and author of “Interview With the Antichrist,” explained that the word “antichrist” occurs about five times in Scripture. And while there are many perspectives on the rapture, tribulation, and everything in between, Kinley broke down his take on the antichrist’s placement in the end-times paradigm.

“He’s depicted as an end-times figure who will arrive in the last days and who will be in prominence during the last seven years of earth’s history,” he said. “He’ll basically be a global leader. He’ll be the global leader of the planet.”

Watch Kinley explain the ins and outs of the antichrist:

Is Putin the antichrist?

Kinley said he finds speculation about whether Putin is the antichrist to be quite intriguing, especially considering what he argues the Bible contends.

According to Kinley, the antichrist arrives “through a peace platform” and not through war or invasion.

This, thus, makes Putin — a man actively using violence — an incompatible contender, at least at the moment. This is especially true as most of the world decries Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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