Go Through The Gates…

Go Through The Gates…

Heavenly Father, God Almighty we humbly come before You seeking the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit, You Spirit, Father, may it be upon us, in us and around us in this day and all the days to come. It is because of You and You alone that we are able to do or have anything in our lives. All the praise, honor and glory are Yours, Heavenly Father. We thank You for another day in this world as we long to be with You in the heavenly places.

Heavenly Father, strengthen our bones that we may carry Your sons and daughters in need of healing. In the name of Jesus Christ breathe Your life into us. We need You now, we need You forever. It is by Your hand, God Almighty that we, as a vessel for the Holy Spirit, approach Your sons to bring healing to their lives and healing to their families. Let it be so, Father God, that You see us as worthy to deliver Your word, to be the Ambassador of the Kingdom, so that we may show Your sons the door that opens to new life in Jesus Christ.

Father God, anoint Erik for the journey You have placed in his heart. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ bring forth those in need of healing, bring forth those broken with sexual addiction that they may walk in the Light of Love that comes from our Father and lift them high, Father, out of the swamp that engulfs their heart, engulfs their soul and keeps them locked away from their families. Lift them high, Father God, and shower their lives with the Promises You have written in the book of their lives. Let them experience what others have experienced through Second Birth and a softening of their heart.

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Go through,
Go through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people;
Build up,
Build up the highway!
Take out the stones,
Lift up a banner for the peoples! ~ Isiah 62:11 NKJB

Teach us, Father God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit what You would like us to know about being a vessel of healing for Your sons. Teach us, Father God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit how Jesus knew what He knew about the man at Bethesda. How did Jesus know which man to pick from all the people at the pool? Teach us, Father God, to see the heart of Your sons and daughters that we may be a vessel of Your healing to them.

In Jesus Christ loving name we pray. Amen

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