Rebuttal to Zelensky’s Open Letter To The American People

Rebuttal to Zelensky’s Open Letter To The American People

GNN Note – This is the rebuttal published by one of the great commentators at The Burning Platform. We are publishing this here, warts and all, as it is how we regard Mr Zelensky as well. He is not a hero, he is a nazi. He is not a humanitarian, he is a nazi. He is not anything the mainstream media is telling you he is, what he is doing is covering up for the criminals in Washington DC that he has been doing their bidding – laundering money, providing kickbacks to Hunter Biden, operating a mafia organization in the form of a government. Good luck, Zelensky, and say hey to Putin when he rolls up in there to reclaim Russian Territory. / END


Dear Assklown Dictator,

First and foremost,  you should be grateful that the majority of Americans forget political events more than a week old. You should fall on your knees and kiss the collective asses of every Mainstream Media person, every politician, and everyone of the social media platforms for;  1) not mentioning that Ukraine had a democratically elected government that was overthrown by your own Nazi’s and with the help of the CIA, and 2)  that YOU have MURDERED 16,000+ of your own citizens.

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I predict you will have an “OH CRAP!!” moment when you hear Biden’s  speech tonight. More empty words and promises. You hooked up with evil and now you will wonder “What the hell was I thinking??!

Russia will not be stopped, no matter what lies you tell yourself.

No one is coming to save you.  Europe won’t save you.  America won’t save you.  Hiding won’t save you.  You fate is sealed.

YOU could have prevented ALL of this; 1) Don’t join NATO. 2) Don’t pursue acquiring weapons that threaten Russia.  How hard is that?  Was it worth it?  You’ll have an eternity in hell to think about it.

Lastly, a word from the Lord. Daniel Chapter 5, verse 25.


In plain English …



Click here to read the dribble from Zelensky / The Burning Platform >>>

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