Not One Inch To The East Shall NATO Advance…

Not One Inch To The East Shall NATO Advance…

I sat down with Producer CJ on 3/2/22 to discuss current affairs in terms of the Bible. The conversation was based upon some of the events transpiring, currently, in Ukraine along with some events from the recent past. We also discussed the folly known as the State of the Union disaster, embarrassment from the Biden regime.

This 45 minute conservation will make laugh, provide you with a little hope and maybe even meet our goal of educating you a little. Hope you enjoy and feel like it is time well spent.

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It’s hard to believe that we live in the U.S.A.. The greatest land in the world. Maybe the greatest nation the world has ever known. What happened? When did we go astray?

Was it when the Federal Reserve Act was signed in 1913? Was it the corruption of our currency, the corruption, and theft, of our money? Or perhaps there was another more significant fundamental change to the structure of our nation. What role did removing prayer from school have on our current situation? What about removing the Ten Commandments from Court Houses all across the land?

NATO was born after the horrors of WWII. It no longer serves any real purpose and hasn’t for a number of years, if not decades. Nothing more than money laundering, fraudulent operation that swindles money from citizens around the world and redirects the wealth to a handful of CEO’s and other thieves within the military industrial complex. Where do you think the funding for the surveillance industrial complex materialized? From the theft of trillions upon trillions upon trillions of tax payer funds funneled to a few people within Washington DC and their friends at the Pentagon.

If you still think this whole Ukraine situation is anything more than a charade that kills real people, then you know nothing about the real history of the military / surveillance industrial complex – either national or global – one feeds the other and vice-versa.

Russia, Russia, Russia!!! They are the real enemy has been shoved down our throat for so long that people are actually begin to believe they are the enemy of the American people.

Here’s a very brief lesson in Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense and why Ukraine has been invaded.

Maybe this brief illustration will clear up what Putin is explaining in the two videos above. The image below is beyond refute. It is what happened. The treaty was, once again, broken by the U.S. government / NATO and Russia was lied to about the expansion of NATO.

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