Looking Back At His Track Record, When Joe Biden Says You Don’t Need To Worry About Nuclear War, You BETTER PREPARE For Nuclear War!

Looking Back At His Track Record, When Joe Biden Says You Don’t Need To Worry About Nuclear War, You BETTER PREPARE For Nuclear War! By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Remember that day back on July 21st of 2021 when Joe Biden at a CNN town hall said “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these v@ccinations”? 

Well because we’ve all since seen just how much of a flub that remark was in Biden’s never-ending series of gaffes and misinformation to the American people, we thought it quite important that we re-emphasize Biden’s latest remarks here as reported in this new Daily Mail story titled “Biden says Americans should NOT be worried about nuclear war with Russia and Psaki reveals America has not changed alert level of its missiles trained on Moscow after Putin readied his warheads.”

And while we certainly hope that ‘dear leader brandon‘ is, for once, correct in his summation, once again we see that one of his own government agencies apparently is looking at things much differently than ‘little joe‘, with none other than FEMA, the Emergency Management Agency of the Federal government, UPDATING their nuclear bomb preparation advice to, get this, MAKE SURE TO WEAR A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE in that makeshift bomb shelter you’re in with strangers.

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So since Joe Biden is telling Americans we have nothing at all to worry about, and apparently he believes no ‘nuclear event‘ is in our futures despite what’s now happening in Ukraine, we thought it best that we once again go over PREPARING for such an ‘event‘, though we hope that for once, Joe Biden is correct in his words to the American people. Still, we’d much rather be prepared, just in case he’s wrong, than unprepared in a nuclear war scenario.

With March of 2022 bringing America the very real threat that nuclear war could also bring America a long-term grid outage scenario, and the possibility that should that happen, nuclear plants all across America could go into meltdown phase as well, we’ll be taking an extended look at this story titled “How to protect yourself from nuclear fallout (tips about radiation, building an expedient shelter, etc)”right here as a public service announcement.

No one wants to think about a nuclear crisis – and hopefully it will never happen – but we all must accept the fact nuclear tensions are rising globally, so we should prepare ourselves and our loved ones in the event the unthinkable strikes our soil.

For decades, movies and some in the media have portrayed a nuclear attack as a “doomsday” event implying most people would be killed on impact … and survivors would want to die once they come out of their shelters.

In reality, unless you are actually at ground zero or within a several mile radius of the blast zone (depending on the size of the nuke, of course), there is a very high probability you’ll survive as long as you…

  • limit your exposure to radiation and fallout,
  • take shelter with proper shielding, and
  • wait for the most dangerous radioactive materials to decay.

In other words, you CAN survive a nuke attack … but you MUST make an effort to learn what to do! By learning about potential threats, we are all better prepared to know how to react if something happens.

What happens when a nuke explodes?

A nuclear blast produces a blinding light, intense heat (called thermal radiation), initial nuclear radiation, 2 explosive shock waves (blasts), mass fires, and radioactive fallout (residual nuclear radiation).

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