Illnesses intensified, compounded and exacerbated by COVID “vaccines”

Illnesses intensified, compounded and exacerbated by COVID “vaccines” by:  for Natural News

Since U.S. medical doctors never blame vaccines for health problems, nary an American who suffers the health consequences of these horrible injections knows the real culprit.

For decades now, vaccines have been known to contain an array of toxins that should never be injected into the human body. These contaminants bypass all of the body’s normal filters and defense systems, including the lungs, the digestive tract and the skin. Some reactions happen right away while some take days. Others can take months or even years to rear their ugly heads – but when they do, it can be devastating.

Doctors are trained to excuse vaccine toxins as necessary “adjuvants” and “excipients” for conjuring immune reactions

American doctors are trained to excuse these toxins, such as thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, sodium chloride, MSG, latex, formaldehyde, peanut oil, gelatin, squalene and human abortion cells, as necessary adjuvants and excipients for conjuring immune reactions. They always say “there’s not enough” in there or there’s such a “miniscule amount” that it won’t hurt you. Big lies.

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That’s the epitome of misinformation. These things function like poisons for the human body, sending the immune system into a shock state of fight or flight, and disrupting the central nervous system sometimes to the point of permanent damage.

Plus, children and babies (including in the womb) develop severe allergies to peanuts, dairy, eggs, latex, soy, monosodium glutamate and other toxins that are common in vaccines, because they have been repeatedly injected directly into muscle tissue and the bloodstream (even crossing the blood/brain barrier).

COVID clot shots are even worse, compounding health issues while creating new ones that are deadly

Just watch the TV commercials (and radio) as of late, created by Pfizer, trying to normalize atrial fibrillation (AFIB), myocarditis and irregular heart beats, as if healthy children, athletes and military members should expect this. What Pfizer fails to mention is their clot shots are the main cause.

Since COVID vaccines inject or create billions of spike proteins (toxic nanoparticles) that stick (and join together) to clog the blood vessels, millions of people, including healthy people with no prior heart or blood issues, are suffering heart strain, heart failure and death. The booster shots are just adding to the carnage.

Plus, COVID “vaccines” cause cancer by inhibiting DNA damage repair mechanisms. This has been proven scientifically and exposed by doctors who examine their patient’s blood and DNA after COVID vaccines are administered.

In fact, new research published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) reveals that the billions of spike proteins “significantly” inhibit DNA from repairing itself. That means you can wave goodbye to “adaptive immunity.” In other words, the COVID vaccines are intended to make humans reliant on more vaccines, while crippling the natural immune system and your cell’s ability to repair itself and adapt. Specifically, the genes that are damaged are the ones that suppress cancer tumors. That’s one reason there’s been a huge spike in new cancer cases since the COVID gene-mutating injections hit the market just two years ago.

The illnesses that are intensified, compounded and exacerbated by COVID “vaccines” include cancer; blood clots; COVID-19 itself;  myocarditis, irregular heart beat and AFIB, neurological disorders; chronic lethargy and depression; allergies; restless leg syndrome; insomnia; and auto-immune disorder and dysfunction (ADE).

Restless leg syndrome caused by Moderna COVID “vaccine” per phase IV data extracted from CDC and FDA clinical studies

Have you received your CDC-recommended permanent restless leg syndrome (RLS) injection yet? Phase IV clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines have been analyzed and synthesized to reveal some horrifying statistics regarding the onset and aggravation of RLS caused by the gene therapy injections. Over 40 percent of people who get RLS from the Moderna Covid jab get it the same day, and nearly half get RLS during the same week they received the clot shot. Nearly 75 percent of those victims are female, and the range of age affected varies widely, with most being above age 30.

It gets much worse because 60 percent of those who suffer RLS from the Moderna COVID jab NEVER recover from it. Other side effects include headaches (33 percent), general pain (29 percent), chronic fatigue (33 percent), nausea (28 percent), chills, fever, dizziness, weakness and insomnia.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on experimental scamdemic COVID “vaccines” and “boosters” that cause “pre-existing” conditions and sicknesses to become deadly virtually “over night.”

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