Russia/China Exiting SWIFT – Exiting Dollar Based Trade

Russia/China Exiting SWIFT – Exiting Dollar Based Trade by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

The purpose of this writing is to provide a high-level overview of the past decade and the development of the situation that is unfolding in Ukraine today. Don’t think for a minute this isn’t all by design – it is. Don’t think for a minute that China is not influencing some of what is happening – they are. Never forget that Putin has already said, on multiple occasions, they will bomb the U.S. in the next conflict – the next conflict is here. If NATO makes a move we should be as terrified, in the U.S., as the citizens of Ukraine.

If you have followed the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) for the past several years then you are well aware of what is happening in Ukraine. You understand this is not an attack on Ukraine so much as a way of telling the West / U.S.-U.K. they are done with the abuses, they are done with NATO threats and they are done with the threats to their sovereignty by a group of corrupt, mafia-like nations attempting to dictate how they will do business and who they will do business with. China has been doing the exact same thing but since the U.S. is beholding to China the Pentagon / Surveillance Agencies (CIA-FBI and others) can not simply attack or set them up for a fall as is the case with Russia.

The Belt & Road Initiative (New Silk Road) was born between Russia and China after the nightmare of 2008. The idea was already on the table, but when the banking / Wall Street Criminals attacked the global economy, stole trillions upon trillions of dollars Russia and China knew they had to take care of themselves and develop a new way of doing of business that was outside of the SWIFT System / dollar based system.

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Both nations developed, independently, their own cross-border settlement systems. Both nations tied their systems together in order to fortify their efforts. Both systems use gold, commodities and currencies as the basis for settling trade with other nations. Other nations can settle trade with other nations using this system that does not include China and/or Russia. Other nations can trade among themselves on this platform. The system, banking policies, agreements with other nations – approximately 75% of all nations on the planet with an estimated 65% of all people on the planet along with 70+% of ALL commodities, including oil, diamonds and gold, being under part of the BRI. These nations are not part of the “management” of the BRI but they have agreed to conduct business with the member nations.

This is to say nothing of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is the counterbalance to NATO. This is another China/Russia alliance that ties these nations together. Don’t believe for a minute the garbage spewing out of the TV that Russia and China are just now developing a relationship. This has deep roots, with massive implications for the entire world. These nations are serious. They are not run by people like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and the other corrupt-to-core, rotten-to-the-core people running the U.S.. Yes, Russia and China are deeply corrupt and deeply rotten but they are not completely ignorant, arrogant and allowing very low IQ people to be part of the policy making procedures like in the West.

To those of us that have been watching this unfold for the past decade none of what is happening is unexpected. We have been waiting for the past several years for this to unfold. Now, the Western world, and it’s infinite wisdom, is on the cusp of actually handing Russia an exit from the system that has kept them, like all nations, enslaved to the SWIFT System. The Western world is actually telling them to leave. This is exactly what is suppose to happen and could only happen with the Biden regime shutting down our energy sector and making the U.S. dependent upon Russian, OPEC and Iranian oil. This is all by design, none of this is an accident or something the ruling class and the deep state are not participating – they are.

It has been a couple of years since I have felt the need to write anything about this alliance. It has been completely off my radar where it used to be a major part of my news coverage. This article was inspired by an excellent thread that appeared in my Twitter feed earlier today and with all the events beginning to unfold, in real time, in Ukraine, it seemed like it was time to put pen to paper.

If you want a quick “deep-dive” into what is happening – the thread below is an excellent way of getting up to speed in short order. Hold on to your loved ones, we are all going to need one another. If you think things have been horrible under Biden to this point if this continues to unfold in the way it appears to be unfolding…well, the show is just starting.

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