The case against Universal Basic Income (UBI) Video

The case against Universal Basic Income (UBI) Video

In today’s video, I’m going to be touching on a topic that it seems like many people are for. But for me, there are some underlying issues which I think need to be addressed. And really, one major issue: my worry that UBI will be used as a potential tool for more and more control over our lives.

What’s possibly most concerning is that certain organisations see the kind of world I describe in this video as being less than a decade away. A world I’m not sure is the right world for all of us.

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0:00 – Free money isn’t free
0:28 – The case against Universal Basic Income
1:14 – A look into the future
2:09 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution
4:12 – How automation will kill jobs
5:08 – The solution: UBI
7:53 – My concerns around Universal Basic Income
9:40 – The main problem: Control
12:10 – What are we trading for free money?

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