Pastor Greg Locke defends deliverance ministry after chasing suspected witches from church

Pastor Greg Locke defends deliverance ministry after chasing suspected witches from church By Leonardo Blair for Christian Post

Controversial Global Vision Bible Church leader Greg Locke defended the deliverance ministry of his Tennessee congregation Wednesday, calling Christian critics challenging his decision to chase six suspected witches from his congregation “lukewarm” enablers of spiritual wickedness.

“The message of deliverance is dangerous because it exposes the enemy for who he is. But like nothing else, it also exposes the lukewarm condition of the Church in America,” Locke said during the Wednesday night service.

He argued that many believers have “just got numb” to the fact the Bible states in Ephesians 6that Christians “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

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“As we’ve been doing this series on deliverance and this series on demons and sorcery and witchcraft and things that we have always been up against, but we just got numb to it,” Locke said.

“We’ve taken an invisible kingdom and we’ve brought it to light, and the devil doesn’t like it. He [devil] would just assume that it remains invisible because that’s where its [darkness] power is. But when you take away the invisibility, you take away its power because what you do with darkness is not just be quiet in the darkness. You shine light on the darkness so that the darkness is dispelled.”

In a now-viral sermon on Sunday, Locke swore that a demon revealed to him the identity of six witches in his congregation during a deliverance session with a young girl in his office last week.

He said he wrote down the witches’ names, then asked them on Sunday to leave his church in an animated and forceful fashion.

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