Pentecostal Pastor’s Daughter and Newscaster Emerald Robinson Says, ‘Be Bold’

Pentecostal Pastor’s Daughter and Newscaster Emerald Robinson Says, ‘Be Bold’ by AMIR GEORGE for Charisma News

After nearly every Biden White House press briefing, there was one who shouted out questions and received the cold shoulder nearly every time. White House press secretary Jen Psaki would walk out mid-sentence but, every once in a while, was forced to answer the hard-hitting reporter.

Emerald Robinson, beloved and photogenic star of the White House Press Room, has not only a polished, professional demeanor but the boldness of the anointing of Jesus—a tough combination to beat, even by a liberal administration.

Born in a small coal-mining town in Virginia to a father who was both a coal miner and a Pentecostal pastor, Emerald has a word for believers living in tough times where it appears evil has overtaken the country.

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“Be bold; don’t compromise,” she says with a fierce glint in her eyes. “We are fighting evil in its worst form, but God has promised us the victory, and it is up to us to fight the spiritual battle before us.”

Robinson, the former White House correspondent for NewsMax, is now launching her own daily program at 9 a.m. on Mike Lindell’s and on her exploding substack feed at

Previously One America News Network’s White House correspondent and before that a Screen Actors Guild actress in Hollywood, Robinson starred in numerous television shows and films, from the Young and the Restless to Days of Our Lives to All My Children and more.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, a NAII All American volleyball team member and former cheerleader, she urges young people in particular to get involved in media so that they can excel at their craft, while invading a crucial part of society with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to her duties as a valiant White House correspondent, fighting for air time in a scripted briefing with only favorable reporters called on, in contrast to those of the previous president, Robinson sees her battle for the truth as a stand for the winning side.

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