Eyes To See…Ears To Hear…

Eyes To See…Ears To Hear…

Is there anybody out there?

I’ve got electric light
And I’ve got second sight
Got amazing powers of observation

And that is how I know
When I try to get through
On the telephone to you
There’ll be nobody home ~ Nobody Home, Pink Floyd

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This is how we all see ourselves, but is it really who we are? Do we have these amazing powers? Do we actually read anything of value, do we study anything worth knowing, what us believe that our belief system is real, what will we do when the USA and the Biden regime wake up sometime in the next few months and morph into Trudeau’s New World Order Canada? What will we do?

This mural has now been painted over because the imagery was too shocking, too scary and way too dark for people to be surrounded by that were about to board a plane. You should look up the Denver Airport murals and see for yourself. If you’ve seen them you already know and it may be time to see what other predictive programming they included and if you’ve not seen them, you absolutely should see them as soon as possible. Terrifying is the way I describe them.

They happily tell you what is happening, what is to come and how they plan on doing it to you. This is the reason I opened this piece with lyrics from a couple of Pink Floyd songs from the album The Wall. Listen to them, watch them. We have been reporting on these evil people for more than a decade. Please take them seriously. They take their plans very seriously and they are running all the important institutions, businesses, currency, banks, property, entertainment and everything else that controls your life.

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