Check-Point Society…

Check-Point Society…

If you have been paying attention to what is happening in Canada, first, congratulations we need more people paying attention, second, it should be quiet clear the Bindan regime fully supports what the Trudeau regime is doing in Canada. If Biden, and his Cabinet, didn’t sully support these nazi, satanic-globalist measures they would have said something by now. Not a word. Not a word from the U.K., not a word from any of the European nations, not a word from any of the South American “democratic” nations. Not one word from any of them around the world. Why? Because they all support what is happening 100%.

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Think about that sniveling little man, Pete Butt-a-judge. He is a classic prop of what is begin discussed on Joe Rogan above – someone with no skills, no experience, no nothing – but yet finds himself in a position of incredible power and authority. How? By interjection – he was not elected, he has done nothing to deserve the position but yet there he is.

It is time we stand together or hang separately. This is not hyperbole this is where we stand in this moment. We either fight these tyrants or they will crush us. These satanic-globalist have been placing in “boxes” for the past 4 decades – “african-american” – “italian-american” – “mexican-american” and so on. Why do you suppose this has happened? This keeps us fighting among ourselves instead of watching what the criminals are doing, what the Wall Street bankers are stealing, what the CONgressmen are stealing and the endless wars that keep our military on foreign soil instead of protecting us here at home. Hard to protect the American people if you are in Japan, Korea, Germany, Ukraine or the like. Hard to protect your southern border if you are busy protecting someone else’s border.

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