Trudeau “Temporarily” Declares a State of War Against Canadian Protesters

Trudeau “Temporarily” Declares a State of War Against Canadian Protesters by  for The Organic Prepper

Justin Trudeau has just declared a state of war in Canada. Those who refuse to bend to Trudeau’s unlawful and tyrannical decrees have just been declared terrorists, as Trudeau has essentially plunged Canada into a state of martial law after pushing through Canada’s Emergencies Act.

This act virtually plunges Canada into a dictatorship without law of any kind. Canada is now ruled by whim and decree.

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Canadian military/police forces will now be able to steal property, restrict movement, and detain anybody who violates any new orders from Trudeau. According to Trudeau, this is only a “temporary” measure.

You will own nothing. And you will be happy.

After the Canadian Freedom Convoy – a collection of unarmed, innocent Canadian citizens clamoring for their freedom – set up shop on Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the US, Trudeau sent in men with automatic rifles. These men proceeded to begin to arrest those whom they have sworn to serve and protect.

It seems the mass resignation from the world’s police forces after the Defund the Police movement has only left those behind who are willing to enforce illegal and immoral orders.

Contributing funds to The Freedom Convoy is now illegal.

Anybody contributing funds in any way to The Canadian Freedom Convoy will now have their bank accounts frozen and considered a terrorist. They will not be able to purchase food, pay their electric bill (in the Canadian winter), or buy medicine. The move from a cash system to a digital system has made this possible.

In the future, anybody who contributes money to organizations Ottawa does not approve of have the potential to now be deemed terrorists as well. It doesn’t matter if you gave money to support free speech, religious freedom, bodily autonomy – if what you financially support is in opposition to what Ottawa supports, you are now at risk.

All those who contributed money to The Canadian Freedom Convoy through alternative means, ever since GoFundMe tried to rob the Convoy, has had their information leaked.Whether this is the result of communist, lone-wolf hackers or from Canadian government operatives is unclear.

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