Well this story isn’t exactly appropriate to Valentine’s day, but nonetheless it’s there, and we have to follow it because “strange mass bird deaths” is one of the phenomena that interests me and, I hope, you.  If you search for “strange bird deaths” on this website, you’ll pull up about 16 stories related to the phenomenon, including stories of inexplicable mass bird deaths in New Mexico, Wales (where it appears to have happened again, more of that in a moment), Idaho, and one article containing perhaps a hint of what the problem might be.

The video was shared by C.S. and V.T., and the article by D.P., with our thanks.

First, to the video:

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The video is about 55 seconds long, and you’ll notice some very peculiar things about it. Shortly after in begins, you will see a large flock of birds in the upper left hand corner, almost but not entirely off-camera.  The flock gradually comes into greater view toward the center of the picture, then suddenly plummets to the ground as if each bird were a miniature dive-bomber. What is intriguing here is that the birds are still in flight, i.e., they’re not suddenly dead and falling from the sky; rather, the entire flock is diving into the ground, as if being driven or forced there.  Once on the ground several birds move about as if stunned or shocked – no surprise there – and then take to flight again, leaving quite a few birds still on the ground, some moving, some not. We have no idea from the video itself whether the birds that are not moving are dead or not, though most headline titles of articles about this story tend to state that a massive number of birds died.  Nor can we be certain that this video is the only version of the incident, or of the incident was confined solely to this area.

Nonetheless, it is mightily strange for indeed, the entire flock looks as if it had been pushed into the ground, and with some violence.

Our second “strange mass bird death” story comes, once again, from Wales, where once again great numbers of starlings have simply dropped dead after locals heard what sounded like “and electrical bang” or “electrical explosion”:

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