As The ‘Peasants’ Rise Up Against Their Tyrannical Leaders, Globalists Panic And Beat The War Drums In Order To Wrest Control Of The Public Back In The Name Of ‘Safety’ And ‘Patriotism’

As The ‘Peasants’ Rise Up Against Their Tyrannical Leaders, Globalists Panic And Beat The War Drums In Order To Wrest Control Of The Public Back In The Name Of ‘Safety’ And ‘Patriotism’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Once again the war drums are being beaten, by the MSM, including international media, by politicians that never heard of a war they didn’t push for, and by the Biden administration.

Russia BAD, Ukraine helpless, NATO to the rescue…. a story, with only details changed a bit,  we have seen repeated over the course of decades, as every time national and international events do not fit with the desires of the so-called globalists, they start screaming WAR, and Russia is their perfect boogieman.

Does this mean war is impossible? No. Definitely not as those screeching for war continue to poke the bear, in his own backyard, which could lead to a response that truly would bring about WWIII.

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Stipulating the possibility that this time those wanting another war may push hard enough to get what they are begging for, I am not quite prepared to bring out the war drums and start beating them quite yet.

With all that said, there are differences this time that make me sit up and keep an eye focused on the situation.


Who is they? Globalists, the MSM and international media, America politicians and the Biden regime, all have reasons for wanting either an actual war, or to convince the world population that war is imminent.

The U.S. mainstream media aka MSM wants war badly because the level in trust in them by Americans continues to dwindle as scandal engulfs them, fours years of the Russian collusion hoax, the unprecedented amount of actual “fake news” stories published by them for more than five years and the latest evidence that they turned a blind eye to what many consider “treason,” as we finally see the proof in the filings which shows the Hillary Clinton campaign paid to have President Trump spied on and hacked, while he was president.

They most likely think that is they can help push a war, it will help their traffic, their sales and subscriptions and give them something to force Americans to focus on other than the media’s scandals and mishaps.

It will take a lot more than war to make Americans forget what the MSM has done.

The Biden administration needs war to help distract the public from his failed policies, including but not limited to;

Open borders

Via Newsweek:

Another Biden disaster happened at the southern border. The number of illegal immigrants that streamed into the country this year, all because of Biden’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws, is stunning. That number includes thousands of so-called amnesty seekers, who are generally released into the country with an order that they show up for a hearing in the distant future—an order that often goes ignored. It also includes people who are unvaccinated or infected with COVID-19, as well as gang members, drug traffickers, sex traffickers and even individuals on terrorism watchlists. The president’s primary duty is to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Biden has willfully failed to do so. That is an impeachable offense.

Crime waves 

The botched and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal 

Not only didn’t Biden leave Americans and allies behind, but also left billions of dollars of equipment to now be used by the Taliban.

Inflation hitting a four-year high under the Biden regime

Food shortages and supply chain issues

• Biden-inflicted high gas prices

Via Newsweek:


A principal cause of the current inflation is high energy prices—the product of Biden’s energy policies. Upon assuming office, Biden immediately canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have employed some 11,000 people. The oil that would have come through the pipeline will still come in, though by costlier and more polluting means (trucks and rail). At the same time, Biden gave his approval for the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany. At the same time he was restricting domestic oil and gas production, leading to higher gas and heating prices, Biden called on OPEC and Russia to supply more oil and gas in order to reduce those prices.


Those are just a handful of his failed policies just in the first year of his regime.

The so-called globalists crave war because of their power-hungry policies to control their populations during the Covid years are seeing pushback as the “peasants,” (non-politicians aka citizens), are rising up in a manner that the media cannot ignore.

One example is the Trucker’s Freedom Convoys against mandates that are spreading through Europe and starting here in America.

Liberal leaders, here in America and globalists abroad, have lost total control of their populations and those same globalists would rather incite a war, even a nuclear war, than allow the “peasants” to control their own lives without “big brother’s” control.

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