Schwab’s Admiration for Lenin

Schwab’s Admiration for Lenin by Martin Armstrong for Armstrong Economics

I can verify that this photo going around of Schwab with a statue of Lenin on his bookshelf is genuine. He really does have that in his office.

This is based upon first-hand knowledge, not speculation of rumor.

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Let me explain something very important for those who do not know their Russian history. Following the 1917 October Revolution, the Bolsheviks/Communists relied upon the dogmas of Marx and Engels to create a new world of equality. They too preached that they would change all the existing ways and customs far beyond politics and economics. They attacked human nature, as the left is doing once again. Suddenly, the very notion of human morality that formed the very foundations of a healthy society was to be forever altered.

Churches were seized, and religion was abolished. Everything that was the foundation of humanity that we call conservatism today was attacked by the Communists in Russia. This today is unfolding with the woke mobs in the West. The Communists’ goal was to destroy the very fabric that binds society together to ensure that the people would remain as individuals and afraid to ban together to overthrow the government. They indeed destroyed the age-old moral values of people. You no longer smiled and said hello when passing a stranger. Religion had to be abolished, for you were to only trust in the government. God was rendered nothing more than a superhero in a comic book.

They drove a wedge between friends and all social relations between people, including the complete rejection of family. Children were taught the State was their real parent, and if their biological parents ever spoke against the State, they were to turn them in. They turned parents against their own children looking at them as a government informant. All this was proclaimed by Lenin to be “progress” for the advancement of society and the State.

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