Embalmers, Debate in Canada, FDA meeting on hold, Cell paper, mask study disputed, Igor’s discovery, news from Peter McCullough, post-vax photos, and much more

Embalmers, Debate in Canada, FDA meeting on hold, Cell paper, mask study disputed, Igor’s discovery, news from Peter McCullough, post-vax photos, and much more by Steve Kirsch – SubStack

A new paper in Cell is generating buzz, Igor made a discovery that nobody noticed, the latest from Peter McCullough, incriminating post-vax photos, and a suggestion for the Canadian truck drivers.


Sixteen things to report today all lumped into one article so I don’t flood your mailbox:

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  1. Embalmer Richard Hirschman is hardly alone seeing these killer clots. Other embalmers have been seeing them since Jan 2021 when the COVID vaccines rolled out. And they are seeing them in 40% to 80% of the cases depending on the embalmer. This is serious. This is much more serious than COVID. This makes COVID deaths look insignificant. But the CDC isn’t saying anything. Complete silence. I wonder why? I’ll be publishing a video interview later today with another embalmer that will blow your mind. I promise.
  2. In California, they want to mandate the vaccines for every person who works in California (AB 1993).
  3. I’m under investigation by DHS as a suspected domestic terrorist because I write article and speak truthfully about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and masks. I may suddenly disappear from view and be held indefinitely.
  4. The FDA meeting for approval of Pfizer was put on hold until April because the data showed the vaccines did nothing. We confess we are surprised that they are letting science get in the way of EUA approval.
  5. The top three Canadian health officials were a no show when challenged by 3 Canadian scientists who showed up ready to debate (livestream).
  6. A key paper on mask efficacy relied upon by the CDC was ripped to shreds by experts. This is in addition to UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad ripping apart the latest CDC mask paper that I’ve previously written about.
  7. I appeared on The Dana Show talking about masks and the ridiculous mandates. I showed what industry uses to protect against asbestos which is 10X bigger than the virus.
  8. Kids in Nevada celebrate no more masks, especially the one kid without a mask (a must see video)
  9. A paper published in Cell shows that the mRNA from the vaccine is still producing spike protein for much longer than anyone ever predicted. This is a troubling finding that most people don’t want to talk about. Robert Malone explains what is going on.
  10. Igor finds a troubling vaccine safety signal in a paper that the authors never noticed because they weren’t looking.
  11. Alex Berenson’s lawsuit against Twitter is revealed
  12. An idea for the Canadian Truckers: Ask for the debate that never happened (see item 3)
  13. Post-vax pictures that nobody can explain
  14. News from Peter McCullough:
    1. At least 97% of the vaccine-related myocarditis cases show up on MRI. This is the gold standard for myocarditis. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen for myocarditis caused by COVID.
    2. Some US hospitals are reporting 76% are vaccinated. Apparently, not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. If the vaccines are providing any significant efficacy, these rates are impossible to explain.
    3. COVID is not a risk for pregnancy. Thus, the recommendation for pregnant women to be vaccinated is not based on science.
  15. More data from the UK showing the vaccines don’t work
  16. David Martin gets fact checked by the AP
  17. Man in Los Angeles goes running with a mask on. Now hospitalized after collapsing.
  18. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu gets an earful

Embalmer news: This is BIG. Really BIG.

I said earlier that Richard Hirschman isn’t the only one seeing issues…

Embalmers all over the country are seeing the same thing, but they aren’t allowed to talk because the business owners are afraid of having to defend against frivolous lawsuits.

One embalmer (who is also a coroner said he’s seeing lots of cases of young pregnant women who are 20 to 24 weeks pregnant with “fetal demise.” The women aren’t talking about it and neither are the doctors who won’t speak out for fear of license/job loss.

The most important thing I learned is that other embalmers have been noticing these never-seen-before clots since January 2021 and it is happening in 40% to 50% of the cases. That makes sense since OneAmerica is seeing a 40% jump in mortality. The pieces are starting to fall into place.

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