Border Agents Channel the Voice of the Silent Majority

Border Agents Channel the Voice of the Silent Majority By  for American Greatness

Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the agents of the Border Patrol, not only for their daily commitment to their mission, but for speaking truth to power for us in the most direct way.

During the Information Age, a handful of iconic moments have come to symbolize speaking truth to power and standing up to tyranny. They would include “Tank Man” in Tiananmen Square and German youth hitting the crumbling Berlin Wall with hammers. Such events were unscripted, went against government narratives, and revealed a largely suppressed popular sentiment.

We may have had a similar moment in Laredo, Texas, recently, when a leaked video showed an exchange between Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz and his agents while Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas looked on. As Ortiz attempted to give a pep talk, agents bravely spoke out on the Biden Administration policies that have left them demoralized. Their audible comments said volumes about what the agenda of this White House has done to the agency and to our border security.

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“For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

“Good men are doing nothing. You’re allowing illegal aliens to be dropped off in communities.”

“We can’t even say ‘illegal aliens.’”

“Under this administration we have the highest fentanyl deaths in the history of our country.”

Ortiz, for his part, is in a nearly impossible situation. He has to implement the administration’s radical anti-borders agenda while managing the increasingly frustrated rank-and-file agents. In the video, however, he came off as a clueless bureaucrat, ignorant to the reality his agents in the field are facing every day.

“You’re getting bogged down in the policies and the politics,” Ortiz chided the agents. How could they not? By instituting catch-and-release and seeking to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy, among other things, this administration has taken away the tools that enabled America to have the most secure border in modern history. When agents are told to stick to the mission as they are handcuffed by nonsensical policies, they have every reason to be frustrated.

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