Abortion-tainted COVID shots have shown us it’s time to break free of Big Pharma

Abortion-tainted COVID shots have shown us it’s time to break free of Big Pharma by SuzanSammons for Life Site News

It’s time for Catholics to get serious about breaking our ties with the industry that says it’s fine to scalp live babies in the womb and graft their skin onto mice to benefit the living, don’t you think?

The worldwide COVID-19 phenomenon has been nothing if not enlightening, showing forth realities that we more or less guessed a few years ago, converting strong suspicions about the state of international, Church, American, and even family affairs into undeniable facts.

A veil has dropped. Indeed, so many veils have dropped it’s starting to look like the lost and found box at a Latin Mass parish.

Just one example of this awakened understanding is the recognition of the broken trust we have with the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex (MPIC). We’ve seen safe, low-cost, effective treatments for COVID banned for political reasons. We’ve seen people denied the comfort of their loved ones’ presence at the hour of death.

We’ve learned the extent to which the tissues and organs of aborted babies are trafficked, with horrifying precision, so that medical research may be advanced. And we’ve been pressured to take (and give our children) an experimental injection derived from such research.

For many people, the biggest revelation of the bunch is the extent to which medical/pharmaceutical research relies on abortion-derived fetal tissue. Faithful Catholics do not wish to benefit from abortion, whether or not Vatican statements call doing so licit. The fact that the fetal tissue research industry is even more extensive and more awful than we realized only strengthens in us the desire to separate ourselves from it.

But how? Fr. Matthew Schneider nearly had a multitude of Catholics throwing their hands up in despair when he argued that practically every medication on the market has links to abortion similar to those of the COVID vaccines. He was wrong, but not by a terribly wide margin. He attempted to liken the COVID vaccines, which relied on baby Johanna’s cells for their initial development, to drugs like Tylenol and aspirin, which, decades after their development, are being tested using the cells of Johanna and others in order to investigate potential new applications or mechanisms of action.

While there is a distinction between these two forms of violation of Johanna’s integrity, the similarities are disturbingly evident. Fr. Schneider still seems to think these similarities mean that we should forget all our objections and comply with the diktats of the MPIC and the world’s governments.

The sensus fidelium, however, says otherwise. Fr. Schneider went fishing but he didn’t get what he wanted. Instead, aghast Catholics began asking which of their medications had ties to abortion, in hopes of figuring out how to reject them.

That’s a good, well-formed impulse, not only because of the abortion connection but also because of the loss of trust mentioned earlier. Who today truly feels that the MPIC has his best interest at heart? Yet people argue that it’s wrong to condemn the healthcare industry: many providers truly care and some pharmaceutical products are life-giving and free of an abortion-taint.

But these factors don’t breathe life into a system that is broken, a system that has wandered (run?) far from its purpose of being the earthly hands of the Divine Physician.

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