The United States Is Becoming A Third World Country

The United States Is Becoming A Third World Country by  for End of the American Dream

In the old days, Americans would derisively speak of “third world countries” that were plagued by high crime rates, corrupt governments, severe economic problems and an overall lack of civilized behavior.  Unfortunately, the tables have turned, and now we are becoming a “third world country”.  The thin veneer of civilization that we all used to take for granted has been steadily disappearing, and our nation seems to become a little bit more degenerate with each passing day.  Of course this didn’t happen overnight.  It has taken decades of decline to get us to this point, and now our decline appears to be accelerating.

If you have ever visited a foreign country with a major crime problem, you probably recall the unsettling experience of suddenly realizing that you are the prey and that the predators on the streets won’t hesitate to take advantage of you if they sense an opportunity.

Sadly, many Americans now feel like that on a permanent basis in their own local communities.

In recent years, crime rates in our core urban areas have absolutely skyrocketed.  For example, the Daily Mail is reporting that carjackings in some major U.S. cities have risen by up to 510 percent

Major cities across the US have observed carjackings spike by up to 510 percent in a ‘disturbing’ trend some are attributing to lax punishment and a shift in driving habits.

In line with an overall rise in violent crime across the nation, cities such as Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans are experiencing a jump in violent vehicle takeovers as critics slam criminal reform systems.

Other forms of theft has become absolutely rampant as well.

Footage of thousands of discarded boxes and packages that had been stolen from cargo trains in southern California shocked the nation so much that California Governor Gavin Newsom felt compelled to go down there and check it out for himself.

Once he got down there, he actually used the term “third world” to describe what he was witnessing

Last week, the governor visited the site as an effort was already underway to clean up the shredded boxes after looters broke into railcars to steal Amazon and UPS packages.

“What the hell is going on?” Reuters quoted Newsom as saying amid the aftermath of the railcar thefts on Union Pacific train tracks in downtown Los Angeles.

Newsom said the scene “looked like a third world, these images, the drone images that were on the nightly news.”

For once, Newsom was actually 100 percent correct.

This sort of thing shouldn’t be happening in a civilized society.

But even when we catch criminals and take them to jail, they are often put back on the streets very quickly.

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