As I mentioned at the beginning of this new drama in my life, I will attempt to blog when I can and as my energy levels permit. One thing I’ve quickly learned about heart attacks, is that they leave you feeling a bit like a rag that has been run through one of those old fashioned washing machines with the little rollers to squeeze out excess water. And that’s just what the heart attack does.  Then there’s what the hospital does; frankly at one point I looked so much like a pin cushion and had been so poked prodded bled stabbed jabbed that I was just waiting for a nurse to arrive all cheery-voiced at 3AM and announce “Hi I’m Tammy and I’m here to begin your leech therapy…”  After all, they had done pretty much everything else; why not leeches? I was reminded of that moment in the first act of PDQ Bach’s opera The Abduction of Figaro when the doctor attendant upon the ailing Figaro sings “Bring me my bag, it’s right by his breeches; this is the time to send in the leeches.”  I was expecting leeches at any moment.

Not to belabor the moment, I was released, only as many of you know to contact covid (I think), and up until just about a day and a half ago, that was yet another nightmare, but I can say that at least that appears to have broken, and the congestion finally appears to be going down. The drawback is I have no voice, which I hope is simply a matter of stress over the last coupe of weeks.

The bottom line folks is that I’m just at the beginning of trying to work out what all this means. My hospital rehab hasn’t even started yet, so I don’t know what all this will yet mean for vidchats, News and views, and so on.

Stories and articles continue to come in however, and it’s getting difficult to ignore them all. In fact,  today’s article was submitted by L.G.L.R. and as it’s by one of my favorite geopolitical analysists (Tom Luongo) about a subject needing a bit of discussion – including my own high octane additions – I thought I should scrape together my few puddles of energy reserves and have at it. What concerns is is not the Ukraine, nor Russia, nor Byelorussia/Belarus, but Kazakstan, and a massive triumph Mr. Putin has just scored:

Luongo’s take is worth citing in full before we extrapolate any “sessons”:

Less than one week before a major summit between the United states NATO and Russia over the security architecture of Eastern Europe, we’re treated to another failed color revolution in the most strategically important place along Russia’s southern border.

There was looting, horrific violence and former government buildings, the ultimate symbols of power, set on fire.

What may have been surprising was how quickly Russia and Kazakh’s President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev invoked the CSTO to come in and stop the nonsense.   But, if it didn’t happen this way the consequences for Russia and the rest of Asia would have been catastrophic.

Kazakhstan is simply too big and too important for Russia to even consider allowing to fall back into the hands of someone like Nursultan Nasarbaev, a true post-Soviet meglomaniac, Russophobe and self-interested jackass whose double dealings with the West are just shy of those by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This article by Fyodor Lukyanov, brings up a lot of good points about what this intervention means for the future and I highly recommend it. But what’s most important now is that this was a stiff message to Washington, London and Brussels.

Get out of Central Asia and stay out.  Russia is now in control of the Heartland. (Boldface and italics emphases added)

So let’s add all this up and see what pops out: (1) we’ve seen another failed color revolution, which failed because (2) Russian and Kazakstanian presidents Putin and Tokayev reacted quickly preventing Kazakhstan from falling into the orbit of pro-western forces, and in doig so (4) a message was crafted and sent to London, Brussels, and Washington: that message being “Get out of Central Asia and Stay out. Russia is in control of the heartland.

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