It’s Time to Challenge ALL Trans Activist Who Can’t Even Define The Word “Woman”

It’s Time to Challenge ALL Trans Activist Who Can’t Even Define The Word “Woman” by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

If you degrade a person long enough they will buy what you’re selling. I have been under the belief that we are to cherish women, honor women and treat women, like God created women, equally, from the side of man, not from a foot bone or a back bone, but a rib bone – from the side of man, not under foot and from behind, but rather beside.

Why are we allowing a handful of extremely evil, misguided people to twist the work of God and make it a mockery before the world? Why are we allowing our women to be mistreated on a scale that has never been seen before? Why are we tolerating the abuse of women in ways that just a couple of decades past would have brought outrage across the land?

Below is an exceptional debate between people that believe in God, use facts and data on one side while on the other side are people that see their privilege (their word) and feelings are all that matter. Everyone remains calm and attempts to make their point.

Facts don’t care about your feelings. Facts are in search of support for the reason they are facts and truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth. Your feelings don’t matter. Facts matter. If you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the Truth, The Way and The Life, there is an entire book filled with facts to support this argument. If you don’t accept that single source, there are more books that have been written about Jesus Christ than anyone else in the history of the world.

Matt Walsh challenges people that rarely, if ever, get challenged on the words flying out of their mouths. When there is push back, from Mr. Walsh, the snowflakes begin melting and melting and melting. When your belief system is based upon “feelings” instead of facts you have a problem. This is on full display in the videos below.

There are three segments from the Dr Phil show demonstrating what happened, how it happened and the absolute truth of how everything unfolded. My wife and I watched the entire show and it is a nightmare for the people arguing for “pronouns” to be accepted by people that aren’t living in a dilution. If you live in a dilution where feelings are the rule, well, you may have a hard time once you step outside of the bubble you have constructed for your life.

First up is Mr. Walsh pushing back against the idea that words don’t matter. Words have meaning and define order in our lives. If words have no meaning our lives lose a lot of flavor and lose touch with reality.

Next up is a supposed “doctor”, you know like Jill Biden is a “doctor”. This woman is a doctor of neck tattoos and tattoos in general – it appears that is the one thing she has spent the most time studying as she appears to be covered.

Once again, she, like the men supporting the sexual deviant position, believes that feelings take precedent over everything else – everything. They don’t.

The idea of “gender neutral” bathrooms is one of the most dangerous concepts being floated. This idea is taking root across the country. Time to make it stop.

Here is Mr. Walsh breaking down the whole thing. The sad part is we must have this conversation and expose these sexual deviants for who and what they are – sexual deviants attempting to normalize their behavior – this is 100% unacceptable. If we don’t push back as hard as we can, the sexual deviants will win the argument simply because they will scream louder.

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