‘God’s…Purpose For Me’: Terrified Nurse Jumps Into Action to Save Gunned-Down Detective’s Life

‘God’s…Purpose For Me’: Terrified Nurse Jumps Into Action to Save Gunned-Down Detective’s Life By  for Faith Wire

A nurse who jumped into action to save the life of an off-duty detective shot Thursday inside a Wisconsin Shake Shack believes it was God’s will for her to be in the right place at the right time.

“There was a reason for me to be there,” the nurse told WTMJ-TV. “As soon as I pulled up, it all happened.”

The nurse, who told the outlet she wished not to be named, described a chaotic scene unfolding right after she pulled up to get some food. Chaos reportedly unfolded when the cop tried to stop the culprit from robbing a woman.

“I hear a gunshot and then everybody’s screaming, everybody’s jumping over the counters,” the nurse said. “I duck down behind the car.”

An off-duty cop was on the ground with life-threatening injuries as the perpetrator purportedly started firing shots into the public with no regard for where they might strike.

As the man fled, the nurse — who was “frightened” and “completely terrified” — said she felt compelled to take action rather than flee the scene.

“I knew I had to do something,” she said. “You can see he’s bleeding. He’s got wounds.”

The woman went into the restaurant and started treating the brave cop, who she said was more focused on getting suspect information over to authorities than he was his own serious wounds.

“He was absolutely amazing,” she said of the injured officer. “The biggest hero I’ve ever seen.”


The cop was losing a lot of blood but the nurse and Shake Shack staff put pressure on his wounds until emergency workers arrived at the scene.

Looking back at all that unfolded, the nurse said she believes God had a purpose for her that day.

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