Everybody Pays In A Lawless Society

Everybody Pays In A Lawless Society by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

In the days of the “wild west” when America was being birthed and people were moving from east to west, robberies and lawlessness were common. When you have opportunity, masses of people moving in unprotected herds there is going to be problems. People will take advantage of other helpless people. We are sinful, broken people and it is built-in.

Those days, for the most part, ended about 100 years ago. Train robberies, hijacking and the like all calmed down with the advent of more concerned citizens, more prosperity and communities willing to pay for law enforcement.

However, it seems today, we are backsliding and communities are, once again, falling victims to lawlessness, gangs of thugs and law enforcement that is either too corrupt, too “woke” or is no longer willing to their job properly for fear of being prosecuted like a criminal.

The series of videos below show what is happening in Los Angeles, just outside where a lot of the container ships are offloaded to fill retail shelves of all kinds throughout the United States. This is not only happening in Los Angeles, a democrat cesspool, but in other democrat cesspools, like Chicago, another major distribution point in the U.S.

If you think it’s merely a “supply chain” issue, you are 100% wrong. It is lawlessness that we are all paying the price.

This is outside Chicago…same problem, different location

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