Another library director is very candid about supporting sexually deviant “Drag Queens” around young children.

Another library director is very candid about supporting sexually deviant “Drag Queens” around young children.

Admits that the library does NOT conduct criminal background checks, despite state law.

Says she does not believe that bringing sexually explicit performers around kids is harmful. They’re just welcoming another “community” that the library “serves.”

“I’m really excited about the program and we’re looking forward to it.”

There was a time when communities tried to protect children from those who would promote sexual deviancy. Now those people are paid handsome salaries and given the support of public officials.

Back in September 2021, we got a call from a former School Committee member in Reading, Massachusetts who’s also a MassResistance activist. He was very upset that the local public library had scheduled a bizarre “Pride Storytime” in the children’s room featuring Drag Queens and others. The event was categorized as appropriate for children “birth through 5” and (ages 6-11).

The library will also be holding another “Pride Storytime” on Jan. 22 (see below).

Our conversation with the Library Director

About a week before the Sept. 18 event, Arthur Schaper, our Organization Director, phoned the Reading Public Library to get more information. After being transferred a few times, he was connected to a woman who identified herself as the Library Director, Amy Lannon.

Arthur asked her, “Who are the performers who will be reading at the Pride Storytime? Do you know their names?”

She said they didn’t know. She said that the library had invited the “Drag Kings, Queens and Friends” group but they don’t have any specific names. She directed Arthur to a link on the library’s website. From there he went to the group’s Facebook page, which listed the presenters for that event.

What followed was a very troubling conversation, to say the least:

Arthur: Their Facebook page shows “Nuqueer Power” and “Miss Vivienne” as readers for this event. Do those names sound familiar?

Library Director: I didn’t organize it. Our staff organized it. I don’t call up the people for these events. Our library staff does arrangements with various authors, presenters, birdwatchers, environmental people.

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