Let Our Vision Overcome The Narratives

Let Our Vision Overcome The Narratives

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via TheBurningPlatform.com

When “taking the vax” became a means to signal ones virtue as part of the moral high ground, the right side of history, etc. many people were indulging themselves by taking the vaxx. It became not just an act of personal health or even collective health but a signal, a ritual of their faith in something much bigger and much more sinister.

The origin of that faith and purpose of that ritual should not be ignored. Especially given how by nature of the vaxx being a moral position many of those people entered into that contract full knowing that those of us who refused would be indicted by that same moral position.

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Comment by Dangerous Variant,  Dec 13, 2021

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

― Voltaire


Where there is no vision, the people perish

– Proverbs 29:18


I read an opinion column early in the new year written by a local woman scolding The Unvaccinated in my area. Ironically, she addressed her article to the “my body, my choice” crowd and argued those who don’t get vaccinated should have their health insurance capped. She claimed taxpayers should not be burdened by those too selfish to care about overwhelmed health care systems or for those who are oppressing future generations.

Where does one even start?


The Irish author and satirist, Jonathan Swift, once wrote:  “Reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired”.  Obviously, that particular maxim applies to the fairer sex as well.

People act upon what they believe and this is, in fact, the very definition of “faith”.  For even the Bible says faith (i.e. belief) without works (i.e. action) is dead.  It means the woman’s article was written and published as the result of her faith in the Covid narrative; and reason be damned.

Certainly, the Covid Deceived have been made to fear. And they were tricked by the most powerful people and organizations on the planet. But their faith is more akin to superstition – cult-like and hypnotic; the end result of media-induced propaganda programming psychosis.

It’s been said that neurotics build castles in the air and psychotics live in them. Except a majority today reside in mental castles that were, in fact, constructed by psychotics. Yet the masses have entered those castles on their own volition and it means Voltaire was right: Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

Hasn’t this been the story of mankind since time immemorial?

In the middle of December 2021, blogger Jim Quinn (TheBurningPlatform.com) posted an article entitled “They Needed the Omicron Variant”  and included a total of 37 bullet-points…“mile-markers”, if you will, on the road to The Great Reset – and concluded with these words:

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