A Message from Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla

A Message from Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla

Let’s start with dispelling one of the biggest lies of the past two years.

Still believe the lies coming forth from the TV, radio or even your doctor? When the CEO of the company that manufacturers the vaccine, that a lot of you have double-dipped, when he says it doesn’t work, well, good luck with getting it OUT of your system. I sincerely pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, that no harm comes to any of you from these injections.

The past year needs to be filed away and forgotten. We need to pick up the pieces, attack the democrats and republicans as we elect a whole new crop of representatives. We need to ensure that we are electing actual representatives of the people and not advocates for the corporations and banking class.

The virus was CREATED way back in 2016 – 2016!! – Still think this is “organic”, “honest” and something other than an instrument of control? Well, good luck with that.

If we don’t stop with our continue compliance our country will look like Australia by years end.

They always, always, always tell us what they are doing and they do it prior to launch. Now I know why. I have known for years that it is was a “code of honor” but knowing that it is a satanic ritual makes much more sense.

For those that believe their cute little Rumba vacuum is not a tool of grooming the tweet below shows info from 2017 – a full 4+ years ago. How much further has the AI monster been developed? How much smarter has AI become while it is hidden from sight? There are no news articles on what is happening. Wonder why? hmmm…

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