The Mark of the Beast Has Not Arrived Yet, So There is Still Hope for Everyone

The Mark of the Beast Has Not Arrived Yet, So There is Still Hope for Everyone DAN CORNER/EVANGELICAL OUTREACH via Charisma News

Over the last couple of months, various influential voices have presented as news the RFID chip used in Sweden as the way that the mark of the beast of Rev. 13:16-18 will be coming. These “news” stories are misleading—a red herring and a decoy to steer our focus away from the real mark of the beast—the long-planned Microneedle Patch Vaccine and its scannable Quantum Dot Tattoo (QDT) mark that will furnish the Proof of Vaccination Compliance record on the body.

The QDT will also serve as the platform for the digital ID and currency, as well as for storage and tracking of all personal data and activity—the real goal of the elites, despite declarations of health and safety concerns.

Another important issue is whether or not the people who have already been injected have actually taken the mark of the beast. People are understandably thrown off by the unusual and concealed technology in these bioweapon injections that not only alter the human DNA and connect the recipients to Artificial Intelligence but also insert an operating system that can be connected to a large central computer, not to mention all of the adverse physical side effects, even on some of the unvaxxed in close contact.

What categorically demolishes the whole “this injection-is-the-mark-of-the-beast” theory are the biblical details about the actual mark of the beast itself; that is that one cannot “buy or sell” without it (Rev. 13:16,17).

Question: Can the non-compliant who have not taken their mRNA “vaccine” injections still “buy and sell”? YES, even in more severely restricted countries where the vaccine passport is in effect, the non-compliant unvaxxed can still access and use their money, pay utilities, purchase online, have private cash transactions, etc.

That scriptural detail is the definitive conclusive evidence proving the COVID injections, as destructive as they are to the human DNA, cannot be the mark of the beast, though the beast technology is in them. That truth is especially important for those who have already taken the injections so that they may still have hope rather than believe they are irrevocably doomed to the lake of fire, as would be the case if they had taken themark of the beast. (Rev. 14:9-12).

If that is you—if you have taken the injection, repent before God and take no more, even if you lose your “fully vaccinated” status and privileges. The governments have often been wrong and have misled the people, as they are here.

Additionally, the Greek term for “mark,” as in mark of the beast, is charagma and it means STAMP and comes from the base meaning stake or pointed stick, the very way the snake-fang-inspired microneedle patch vaccine will place the QDT mark on the body as proof of vaccination.

Bill Gates further presented the microneedle patch vaccine as a “solution” while tapping the inside of his forearm, which the Scriptures consider part of the “HAND”! The painless and flexible vaccine patch can even be mailed to the recipient’s house and self-administered, thereby making it very convenient and completely unlike the emotionally charged scenes in the “Christian” end-times movies.

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