Hey Dems, We Got Your Election Reforms Right Here

Hey Dems, We Got Your Election Reforms Right Here by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

As shocking as it may seem, the Democrats are right about something for once. Even a broken clock is right twice a day; even Eric Swalwell occasionally mates with someone who is not a Chi Com spy, shutting her eyes tight and doing her booty duty for Beijing. The Dems are right that we need election reform to save our democracy. I propose that we change how we conduct elections, good and hard.

Now, the Democrats have a very different objective in reforming the election system than we do. They seek to make it easier for lazy and stupid people to vote. This is perfectly reasonable, considering that the indolent and idiotic make up key components of the Democrat coalition. Further, they want to flood the system with unaccountable votes in order to allow themselves to cheat. In this way, they can steal wins where otherwise voters would reject them for their incompetence, corruption, and general tiresomeness.

But we patriots have a different goal. We want election security, and we also want to make it more difficult for bums and morons to participate in our electoral system. The Dems complain that we would make it harder to vote. Guilty as charged! Voting should be a minor inconvenience in order to screen out the lay-abouts and mouth-breathers who find getting up off their stained, stinking couches, wiping the Doritos detritus off their Linkin Park t-shirts, and taking the bus to the polling station too much of a hassle.

Obviously, causing fewer duds and dummies to cast ballots will hurt the Democrats. Good. We want to hurt the Democrats. These communist-curious hacks should not be allowed within a parsec of power, and if we can make it harder for them to steal an election, good.

Democrats have their “voting rights” bill to facilitate a federal takeover of the election system because they believe that with the Democrat bureaucrats – is there any other kind? – in DC in charge, they will never lose another election. Considering that their standard-bearer is a desiccated old pervert who has the approval rating of a Lincoln Project babysitter, they have reason to worry that free and fair elections will repudiate the hell out of them in 2022 and 2024.

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