Asriah AKA “Exotic” (Video)

Asriah AKA “Exotic” Video by Soft White Underbelly

Asriah’s story gives a good glimpse into how human trafficking often happens. It’s not just that the gorilla pimps intimidate or force the women to do what they want. It’s also that the women will run back to their pimps even when given an opportunity to get away. Without grasping this you’ll never fully understand this subculture. Low self worth is what makes these women complicit in what is so upsetting to many of us. An uninformed observer simply blames the pimp. A more enlightened one realizes that the relationship a girl had (or didn’t have) with her father will determine her ability to know a hustler from a good man and be attracted to the latter, hopefully. Asriah’s heartbreaking story perfectly illustrates the purpose of my channel, which is to teach parents, and in this case, fathers the importance of being in their daughters’ lives and to be examples of the kind of man they should want in their lives. Sadly, Asriah never had that.

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