The Meth Epidemic (Video)

The Meth Epidemic Video from PBS

GNN Note – A lot of the men that I counsel twice a week are dealing with meth addiction. It is a scourge like no other. The shackles it places on mens lives are a greater stronghold than heroin. The damage done to the body, mind, soul and family are greater than a speeding train. It is battlefield that needs you – the called. This battlefield needs those that are restored doing their part. We need you all if we are going to take back our communities and help show these men how to find the door. / END

Speed. Meth. Glass. Ice. On the street, methamphetamine has many names. What started as a fad among West Coast motorcycle gangs in the 1970s then spread across the United States. In “The Meth Epidemic”, FRONTLINE, in association with The Oregonian, investigates meth addiction in America: the impact on individuals, families and communities, and the difficulty of controlling an essential ingredient in meth—ephedrine and pseudoephedrine—sold legally in over-the-counter cold remedies.

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