The Tide Is Turning in Freedom’s Favor

The Tide Is Turning in Freedom’s Favor by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Looking backwards in a few years, it is entirely possible that we will see that December 2021 was the high-water mark of the great progressive coup, when leftists reached out for the brass ring, but their soft, girlish hands were too weak to grasp it. It is likely all downhill for them from here, though that is not entirely clear to us right now. When Gandalf returned from getting balrogged in the Lord of the Rings flicks, he says, “I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.” Except all their big battles were still ahead. And even if the tide has turned for us too, so are ours.

But perhaps this epic elf opera, as my pal Kenny dubbed the genre, has some wisdom to impart. We have huge fights before us, and we can still lose. Yet, if you look at the trends, if you look at the correlations of forces, in retrospect we might wonder why the hell we were so worried. Sometimes, when a jury comes back and the verdict goes my way, it seems to me that, looking back, it could not have done otherwise. But now we are in the moment, in the struggle, and it’s hard to get clarity even as we keep taking casualties. The fog of war is thick and opaque, but as we enter a new year, the odds grow ever in our favor.

Look at President Asterisk, at least on the few occasions they let him out to stagger about muttering incoherently. This guy is polling lower than Kamala’s dating standards. It’s not just us activists who are sick of him. It’s everyone.

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Joe Manchin said No Deal to his New Deal 2.0. The filibuster isn’t going anywhere. Nor is the rest of his agenda. The Democrats managed to lose Virginia. Their majorities are on borrowed time. Nancy Pelosi is counting down the days until she punches out and goes back to her mansions; Chuck Schumer is as lousy a Senate majority leader as the wily Murder Turtle was a cunning one. There is literally nothing for the Democrats to look forward to in 2022 but pain. Grandpa Badfinger is on the defensive, which is convenient because they keep him hidden in his bunker.

Biden promised us a return to normalcy. If this is normal, give us more of those mean tweets. Afghans fall from airplanes as our grocery bills rise. China and Russian are shaking us down for lunch money. Kids come home from their garbage public schools crying because their unionized teacher told them they were privileged. College grads are frustrated that * failed to keep his promise about making the rest of us pay for their Oppression Studies degrees. Everything on Netflix is woke crap. Men are taking women’s swim records and the chick Jeopardy championship.

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