His Resurrection Power Is Bringing Forth Your Comeback

His Resurrection Power Is Bringing Forth Your Comeback by LANA VAWSER for Charisma News

Recently I heard the Lord speaking over many people: “It’s My resurrection power [that’s] bringing forth your comeback.”

I saw many men and women who have been in a time of great shaking and breaking, feeling as if they’ve been “knocked out” or disqualified. The day-to-day fight has been exhausting and has left them living in a place where they are constantly fighting the strong urge to withdraw.

The Lord began to show me that the hearts of many have been fractured as well. They have endured such a great “knocking around” that it has left them feeling disorientated, confused and hurt.

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Then Jesus Stepped In

I then saw Jesus step in. The light of the world shone His light into the crevices of hearts. I watched as His eyes were looking for the painful places. He was looking for the dry places. He was intentionally looking for the dead places. He was looking for the hidden places where people had withdrawn because of the intensity of the season they’d faced.

I watched as the light and love of Jesus began to flood into hearts. I began to see these hearts come to life in brightness and fruitfulness. I saw those dry and broken places healed and restored. I saw the disorientated places become places of deep revelation. I watched places of weariness become the places of a second wind and fresh breath. I watched the areas of the heart where many had felt misunderstood begin to receive the word of the Lord—that this was the season where they were being brought into context.

Shame and condemnation fell off these hearts as they were being ushered by the breath of God into new life. They were being ushered into a place of strength and wholeness, as His resurrection power was bringing forth and birthing their greatest comeback.

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