Kanye West Life Advice Leaves the crowd SPEECHLESS (Video)

Kanye West Life Advice Leaves the crowd SPEECHLESS Video

GNN Note – We do not endorse Kanye as a “christian”. We do not believe he is following Jesus Christ as Jesus’ teachings are concerned. Kanye is welcome to spread the word in the manner he sees fit, we are merely presenting information for others to realize it exist and to have an idea of what is being said on some of the larger platform. While Kanye has a massive platform that doesn’t mean he speak Truth, just that he speaks to many. We need to be aware of how the masses are being influenced. / END

Ye’s Life Advice Will Leave You speechless and will make you reconsider your goals. His perspective on generating wealth in every area of life is Eye-Opening and will inspire you to be great. He also shares wisdom on how he manifested his dreams and created the life he wanted to live.

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