Encouraging women to have children is now a Title IX violation

Encouraging women to have children is now a Title IX violation BY CONN CARROLL for Washington Examiner

GNN Note – If the people don’t reproduce, there will be no more people. My guess is, this only applies to white women and no other ethnic group is effected. We can’t all those white women producing more white people, especially, white men – they are the worst!! / END

Whatever you do at work, do not tell a married woman that her husband is handsome and that they should have children.

That could get you fired.

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At least if you work at Boston University.

In yet another example of wokeness gone wild, Boston University is now forcing faculty and students to go through a mandatory Title IX training course. Faculty who fail to take the course will be ineligible for raises, and students who fail to take the course will not be allowed to register for spring classes.

One of the training scenarios raises the following hypothetical: “You’re in the cafeteria with two colleagues, Jessica and Kim, who is Asian. Jessica sees Kim’s phone background. It’s a picture of her and her husband. Jessica says, “Oooh, your husband’s White? He’s good-looking! You two have to have lots of babies. … Half-Asian babies are the cutest!”

The course then asks: “What should you do? 1) Say nothing. Jessica is giving Kim a compliment, and besides, Kim smiled. 2) Intervene. Kim might have felt uncomfortable about Jessica making comments about her race, her husband’s appearance, or the prospect of having children.”

The correct answer in this day and age is, of course, “intervene.” The course explains, “Sometimes, even something intended as a compliment can be derogatory or make someone uncomfortable, even if they smile.”

Now, granted, “half-Asian babies are the cutest” is cringe-inducing. It is not something anyone should say in any context, even if it is meant in the best possible way.

But calling someone else’s husband attractive? Suggesting a happily married couple should have children? These are now worthy of “intervention”?

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